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Last comments


8888065954 or +18888065954

Noah * commented 2021-01-18
This is a fraudulent phishing number


2503857226 or +12503857226

Leo * commented 2021-01-18
It is impossible to call back to this number, but calls are received from it regularly


4163437050 or +14163437050

Satan Claus * commented 2021-01-18
There are 66 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Toronto Sure".


4165119090 or +14165119090

Zachary * commented 2021-01-18
This number is not owned by any of the people or organizations I know and I don’t know why they called me yesterday.


4165818721 or +14165818721

Frankie * commented 2021-01-18
Someone dialed my number and immediately hung up


5873456754 or +15873456754

Frederick Harrison commented 2021-01-18
They called me, but did not manage to receive the call. Maybe someone knows who this is?


4375220748 or +14375220748

Glenn commented 2021-01-18
Looks like a text scam/spam pretending to be from Fido. Phone number does not exist. Do not open the link


4166285613 or +14166285613

Rajcan commented 2021-01-17
Received text from this number with a message " #169149V1 A return of (61,94Cad) was issued to .............. (my phone number) See ....... Looks like someone is trying to con , be careful!


6398729280 or +16398729280

Pareevn Bhaisab commented 2021-01-17
Pareevn Bhaisab


4506688889 or +14506688889

Homer Long * commented 2021-01-17
Who knows whose phone number this is? I want to know why they called me. Maybe someone knows.