Toll-free phone number +18777644595 or 8777644595

8777644595 or +18777644595


Sara commented 2020-02-13
This is a caller from a scam revolving around your social insurance number. They have a variety of numbers to use and will call non stop. It’s a robo call that tells you that there has been some odd activity with your sin number and That a warrant is being issued for your arrest. They go on to say if you do not clear this matter up you will have the police on your doorstep within 24 hours arresting you. They also move on to say your checks are being stopped until you speak with them. Do not fall for these calls. With such matters Canada Rev or Service Canada would have sent you tons of correspondence regarding your SIN. This is just a giant scare tactic. All government numbers if searched come back listed as government whereas these do not and are steam from Asian directories. If you are still concerned call service Canada and clarify with them not with the number which dialled you or was given. This is the suggestion from the government of Canada website if you want to double check: You can then check that the employee calling you about your taxes or SIN works for the CRA or that the CRA did contact you by calling 1-800-959-8281 for individuals or 1-800-959-5525 for businesses.

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