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8493440115 or +18493440115

CARMEN commented 2021-02-18
Whose number is this?


6472586362 or +16472586362

besarta elezaj commented 2021-02-18
Hi this number called me,and its not possible to call you back


8662721894 or +18662721894

Alex * commented 2021-02-18
The scammer who uses this number wanted information about my bank cards


8663576259 or +18663576259

Gary * commented 2021-02-18
I got 3 calls from this number yesterday, who is it?


8667593336 or +18667593336

Daniela * commented 2021-02-18
I have no idea whose number it is that called me several times this morning.


8668146540 or +18668146540

John * commented 2021-02-18
I don’t understand why this number is calling on my mobile if it always hangs up when I answer?


8772639250 or +18772639250

Rick * commented 2021-02-18
I don’t know anyone with this phone number, but it calls me constantly.


6473453946 or +16473453946

Allan G commented 2021-02-18
I received a call from this number with no ID or voice message.


7874816036 or +17874816036

Carlos commented 2021-02-18
Danger person.


4373705712 or +14373705712

Heather commented 2021-02-18
The person calling from this number claimed to be William from the Promotions Department of Bell Canada, requesting credit card information to process a "$65 service fee" for a "free" I-phone 11. My bank called to confirm my authorisation of a $2,000 purchase.


9058860555 or +19058860555

Vanessa Palmer * commented 2021-02-17
Scammers are calling under the pretext that I am a bank employee and a loan has been approved for you


9057144035 or +19057144035

Tenor * commented 2021-02-17
The scammer sells things on the internet. Requires prepayment for sending and no longer picks up the phone.


9056675643 or +19056675643

Nathan Green * commented 2021-02-17
Scammers break accounts and try to open online banks


9056127052 or +19056127052

Piotr * commented 2021-02-17
Caution! These are scammers, they work mainly on selling sites, do not be fooled by their "cool" offers, just block them.


9053588859 or +19053588859

Arianna Parker * commented 2021-02-17
Cheating people on Instagram, selling shoes, sending trash


4313352424 or +14313352424

Kimberly Donaldson commented 2021-02-17
This number is someone using fack information and photos on Facebook date app claiming looking for a relationship someone to spend time with gave number getting you to think your a match and go on a date send pictures that are some but showed me a bigger version and has another number 204291anding in 9898 tryed calling with it since Nov till now his name he's using is Glenn Lawlor and Glenn Daniel Lawlor on Facebook


5196264211 or +15196264211

Wandi commented 2021-02-16
Isi pls Joker slot saya


4184190128 or +14184190128

Elliot commented 2021-02-16
Scam text - with regards to a fake item held in "the shippings warehouse" with a link that is most likely a virus or scam website.


5196264211 or +15196264211

Sandy commented 2021-02-16
Said I won $ 700,000, haha. Complete SCAM !!


2899363820 or +12899363820

Bill Skinner commented 2021-02-16
no idea who