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5149899418 or +15149899418

Derek * commented 2021-04-25
I have a couple of missed calls and I don’t know if this is the seller


8667948897 or +18667948897

Naomi * commented 2021-04-25
I just received a message from this number with a link to receive a parcel, which I did not order, it looks very bad


8558240656 or +18558240656

Frederick Harrison * commented 2021-04-25
I did get a call from this number, and they worked for some real estate company. I'm not sure if this company is aware of this kind of abuse by its employees.


4389235222 or +14389235222

Kimberley Campbell commented 2021-04-24
This number I believe is associated with a scam. I got message telling me that I had a return and to open it. I have no such return. BE AWARE!


3062209587 or +13062209587

Bryton cates commented 2021-04-24
Called claiming to be "house Cleaners" its a total scam to gain access to your house and knowledge of what your home looks like


6130910038 or +16130910038

Edileuza friciano dos santos silva commented 2021-04-24
They call on the ads, like a thrift store, ask for the card number and password from SMS to enter the mobile bank.


6475504640 or +16475504640

Dominic Webb * commented 2021-04-24
they call all day when I answer the silence, they already got it


9053387770 or +19053387770

Melvin Lewin * commented 2021-04-24
Bank scammers are calling


8888861924 or +18888861924

Faith Boolman * commented 2021-04-24
From this number, children indulge in, call unknown numbers and annoy people ...


8779956269 or +18779956269

Morris Rogers * commented 2021-04-24
This object advertises on sites selling various things, asks for an advance payment and brings nothing. Good enters into trust, be careful.


8779049154 or +18779049154

Bryan Shaw * commented 2021-04-24
I also got a call today


8004841379 or +18004841379

NoName commented 2021-04-23


8666681887 or +18666681887

Duncan * commented 2021-04-23
I think it's a spam number. I didn't answer


9054727000 or +19054727000

Chris * commented 2021-04-23
There is 1 complaint about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Markham Stouffville Hospital".


9059567111 or +19059567111

Satan Claus * commented 2021-04-23
Some users have signed this phone number as "Khurram Nagi".


2899330322 or +12899330322

Satan Claus * commented 2021-04-23
Some users have signed this phone number as "Jenna Leolist".


4185060113 or +14185060113

Jimfleur commented 2021-04-23
Encore des arnaques


5143948497 or +15143948497

Satan Claus * commented 2021-04-23
There are 3 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Banque Nationale Service".


3433127162 or +13433127162

asdnmr commented 2021-04-23
اخواني في مقاطعة اونتاريو/ كندا ارجو الإبلاغ عن صاحب هذا الرقم 003433127162 فهو خطير للغاية فقد قام صاحب هذا الرقم بعملية ابتزاز البشر وخاصة انا صاحب هذا البلاغ والتجاوز وتهكير قناة خاصة بالدروس التعليمية لطلبة الصف الثالث المتوسط في جمهورية العراق على برنامج التلكرام وابتزاز صاحب هذه القناة بدفع أموال على شكل ارقام كارتات شحن الموبايل أو نشر افلام لااخلاقية على قناة التلكرام الخاص بالطلبة اناشدكم بالتدخل وإلقاء القبض عليه أن كان داخل الأراضي الكندية فهو مجرم خطير للغاية تقبلوا مني فائق التقدير والعرفان صاحب البلاغ المالك لقناة التلكرام المسمى قناة(ست ايمان مدرسة اللغة العربية) صاحب هذا الرقم مجرم خطير للغاية ومحتال وهكر يسرق قنوات ويساومهم اما الدفع على شكل ارقام كائنات موبايل او التشهير واستخدام القنوات المهكرةلاغراض لااخلاقية ارجو من السلطات الكندية إلقاء القبض على صاحب هذا الرقم 0013433127162 لانه خطير على المجتمع وذو سوابق اجرامية


5064655207 or +15064655207

Deborah M Lindsay commented 2021-04-22
Called my phone, inquiring about my social insurance number, in a fraud. Said if I hung up without talking to someone I would have a warrant on me and be arrested and do jail time! Appearancing from of a judge.