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8668160619 or +18668160619

Nicolas * commented 2020-10-08
There are 321 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Rogers Spam".


8669074316 or +18669074316

Roger * commented 2020-10-08
It is always silent when I answer, then hangs up. After a while, everything repeats. I'm scared what they need?


8669351484 or +18669351484

Satan Claus * commented 2020-10-08
Some users have signed this phone number as "Nco Recovery Agency".

8664018843 or +18664018843

まさ commented 2020-10-08
中国語でいきなり喋ってきた。 音声電話のような声でもあった。


8885029329 or +18885029329

Jeckel commented 2020-10-08
Listen i understand i fell hard to and still think about you daily i see things and think of u but what am i todo you know what happened and now this please stop come talk to me call me something. Not this please honestly id like to see u anyway ur so gorgeous


4388169445 or +14388169445

Zen commented 2020-10-07
They are scammers.. Dont believe.. +14388169445. These ladies try to imitate as Canadian interviewers but they are scammers from India who take candidates from Did they offer job from holgers construction... That is also fake website..


8006244834 or +18006244834

Teeks commented 2020-10-07
Annoying call in the morning. Tried to call back but wouldn't go through. Said number was unavailable in my area. Showed up on a website called Alberta debt collectors.


6475640091 or +16475640091

Adrián commented 2020-10-07
This phone number is sending fake massage to my wife and other people in Cuba about fake infidelity and cause problems in my relationship


4182103537 or +14182103537

Tine commented 2020-10-07
Love Scammer


8885029060 or +18885029060

William * commented 2020-10-07
There are 164 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Canada Immigration Boeder".


8885299777 or +18885299777

Prince * commented 2020-10-07
Some users have signed this phone number as "Purolator Inside Sales".


8002663939 or +18002663939

Eveline * commented 2020-10-07
Caller was talking about some kind of debt that I know nothing about, I suspect it is scam


8003872828 or +18003872828

Satan Claus * commented 2020-10-07
There are 410 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Td Chinese Spam".


8005293742 or +18005293742

Ray * commented 2020-10-07
I'm sure this is a spam number that I never answered, but it continues to call me several times a week.


8077878682 or +18077878682

Siddhant commented 2020-10-07
It's the phone number of a forex trade scammer


8099142486 or +18099142486

Cecilia Co commented 2020-10-07
I got a call today from this number but didnt say anything...looks like a suspicious caller...


8294493087 or +18294493087

Mike D commented 2020-10-07
Had a call out of the blue - no legitimate reason for this call from the Carribean to an Australian mobile number.


6475723836 or +16475723836

km commented 2020-10-06
service Canada fraud call


8296379804 or +18296379804

:) commented 2020-10-06
Porque tengo anotado tu numero?


8009592765 or +18009592765

Vincent * commented 2020-10-06
Sounded like call centre with background noise, but when I answered they hung up