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4388169445 or +14388169445

mohamed Abdelrahman commented 2020-10-21
I receive a call from this number +14388169445 from Canada stating that Ms. Myra Brown (caller name) informing that they are from a recruitment agency name Stork Recruiters-Canada. they had sent offer letter to me. I have attached the below reviews from ZEN and VINOO and sent it to them. lets wait for their reply.


8664203174 or +18664203174

Peter * commented 2020-10-21
Why did this number call me?


8669772692 or +18669772692

Jason * commented 2020-10-21
I want these annoying calls to stop! How to do it?


2042255687 or +12042255687

Diana * commented 2020-10-21
I answered the call from this unknown number, but there was only silence on the other end.


4168981984 or +14168981984

Ewan * commented 2020-10-21
This number woke me up tonight and when I answered there was silence


6479432911 or +16479432911

Satan Claus * commented 2020-10-21
There are 47 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Scotiabank Collection Scam".


5196220416 or +15196220416

mary m hanson commented 2020-10-20
called 7:00 AM credit card scam


4184781886 or +14184781886

John * commented 2020-10-20
Constant calls from this number to my work phone.


4383873063 or +14383873063

Alex * commented 2020-10-20
This number calls me several times a month and hangs up. I do not call back.


8005317555 or +18005317555

Michael * commented 2020-10-20
I'd like to catch these spammers


8005615728 or +18005615728

Bob * commented 2020-10-20
I want to warn everyone, the owner of this number is engaged in scam.


8772602720 or +18772602720

Robert * commented 2020-10-20
I have no friends who could call me from this phone number, I suspect scam


8006133348 or +18006133348

ali commented 2020-10-20
Frustration. I hope our government do something!!!


8493584850 or +18493584850

fsdf commented 2020-10-20
I want to know who called me


4034295851 or +14034295851

Flynn commented 2020-10-19
Is this a scam number - calling about being arrested? Press 1 to speak to an agent..... Automated voice call


2364711988 or +12364711988

MARIO ALBERTO commented 2020-10-19
i recive a call from this phone number, becausa i want to aply to a visa from canada is this number real for the tramit? respond to thank you and good day


8339250360 or +18339250360

Misty Harris commented 2020-10-19
Claiming to be from health insurance company giving me 14 free meals a month in exchange for my info. SCAM


7804324089 or +17804324089

s.sivalingam commented 2020-10-19


4506726919 or +14506726919

Tom * commented 2020-10-19
I did not answer this call because it was late at night, I want to find out who it was


5146003627 or +15146003627

Luther * commented 2020-10-19
Constant calls from this number, I want to find out who is it?