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8558010661 or +18558010661

Derick * commented 2021-04-30
The robot that called me informed me of an invitation to work in China


6475842253 or +16475842253

John commented 2021-04-29
Scam caller. Posing from Amazon claiming a fraud purchase of $1,000. Spoke in Indian, I asked after a minute If this was a scam call. He told me, Yes it's a scam, *u** o**". I told him call again and I'll call the police. Don't pick up, don't answer this caller.


6475030155 or +16475030155

Cathy * commented 2021-04-29
I do not answer calls from unknown numbers, but this number continues to call me 4-5 times a day


6475572370 or +16475572370

Miriam * commented 2021-04-29
Apparently the number is due to a gang of scammers


6479551164 or +16479551164

Claudia * commented 2021-04-29
Caller is clearly an inadequate person


7057456829 or +17057456829

Aaron * commented 2021-04-29
Silence in the phone when I answered the call, I do not answer calls from this number anymore


7783121001 or +17783121001

Jack * commented 2021-04-29
This is the number of a scammer who wants to take possession of your money


5874084479 or +15874084479

Priyank Kathwadia commented 2021-04-29
From this number we are getting offers to do job and settle in Canada for Mechanical company


4373755667 or +14373755667

JJ commented 2021-04-29
Save number


4378870109 or +14378870109

Candy commented 2021-04-29
This number called me numerous times in a row. My phone displayed that it was a possible SPAM/SCAM Number so I didn't answrt. They then tried to call from 14378870110 and 14378870116 after I blocked the 1st number!


2262700170 or +12262700170

Joslyn B. Martin jr commented 2021-04-29
Good mrning sir/maam


7095793876 or +17095793876

Margaret Blais commented 2021-04-29


9027048159 or +19027048159

Ezra commented 2021-04-28
I've received a call from this number stating it's from Canada Immigration. I would like to know whether it's genuine?


7053208008 or +17053208008

Me commented 2021-04-28
Queen square Pharmacy! Lindsay ON Best people EVER! they go above and beyond Alpish is a rare man/PHARMACIST. He cares about everyone equally. I hope he is part of our community for a very long time to come. Tina


8558240656 or +18558240656

Mateusz * commented 2021-04-28
Whose phone number is this?


7804383537 or +17804383537

Bobby Lopez * commented 2021-04-28
He missed the call, but did not call back.


7788662337 or +17788662337

Remas * commented 2021-04-28
I would like to receive information about the owner of the room.


7784522503 or +17784522503

Monica Fleming * commented 2021-04-28
They called me, but did not manage to receive the call. Maybe someone knows who this is?


7783282169 or +17783282169

Frederick Harrison * commented 2021-04-28
Tell me, whose phone number is this?


3455330245 or +13455330245

Javad commented 2021-04-28
This is a wrong phone number and I think they want to hack your phone